High Street Retailers – Increase footfall and sales

TL:DR; Nearmine will increase your footfall, sales and eyeballs on your brand to boost local retail sales.

We ran an experiment at nearmine to see how local consumers would react to local offers and special offers around them, unsurprisingly it had a very high uptake. All high street retailers can easily put on special offers or sales, however it is the communication aspect which is letting down the connection to the consumer.

Nearmine bridges a gap between the brand and the local consumer. By providing a centralised community platform that people care about and incentivised by special offers or events at your retail store, your brand will get an immediate increase in footfall and sales at each of your local stores.

The problems that we are seeing on the high street are more so to do with the communication that we have with the customer, the ability to reach them. Where customers are increasingly busy and have ecommerce options, however ultimately they are driven by convenience. What has not yet been tapped into, is that local stores is actually more convenient to consumers if the technology used is adapted properly. Nearmine will be helping high street retailers with this too. Our initial goal is to have your retail stores on our platform and announcing when they have special offers or events, and having these pushed to there relative local audiences. This will give the immediate monetary boost where then we can then focus on building the foundations of the technology to help your stores not just survive, but thrive.

This has been our passion, and we only feel this worthwhile if we create value for the retailer, we therefore are providing this service for free to all high street retailers for 6 months, with no cost, no commitments and we wish to work directly with you to increase the footfall and sales in your stores.

We will be running a Birmingham wide trial and therefore we recommend that you initially submit the details for your Birmingham stores, we will give you access to edit the special offers and franchise details. We will then start marketing directly to Birmingham and increasing your sales. Once you are satisified, we can then work together to increase your sales and footfall even more.

Please contact us below and we will get back to you within 24 hours.