Self Employed – Make more money

TL:DR; We can increase your revenues and help get your services into your community.

Starting out self employed or maintaining self employment can be tough for the first few years, believe us, we know, our CEO was self employed straight out of college. NearMine can help ease the stress and burden of running your own small business by giving you the tools and the direct marketing to the people seeking your services.

You can feel at ease with nearmine as we aim to start developing all the technological tools you need to make your business easier to run, as well as getting you out into the community, increasing awareness of your services and ultimately increasing your sales. Whether you are starting out, or established. Our platform will be a saviour of sorts to local self employed people.

You can join immediately for FREE, and we intend to keep the service free. Just click join with facebook, (the fastest way) then select the free service.

Once you have done that go to your drop down on the top right, select edit my profile. (This is your front facing profile for your services and skills). Fill it in with all your details and then that is it.

Your services will be marketed to everyone in your local area, immediately. As the platform grows more people will post “gigs” you can then bid on local jobs and vastly increase your revenues.

We are extremely proud of helping individual people gain independance, freedom and strive for a better living. We hope we can help.