Start Earning on Nearmine

NearMine is a brilliant platform to earn on. It is a very dynamic platform with the potential to build massive local economies.

You can be the first to take advantage of earning on nearmine, simply register onto the website using facebook (fastest way) and then choose your membership, you can choose the free membership as you can earn with the free platform too. Then click onto your profile in the top right and go to my skills. This is your personal listing, edit this and put into the skills that you offer. Save and publish, make sure that it is visible in the search by click on my skill, if it says “hide in search” that means your listing is showing.

You can then search your local area for people and see that your profile appears! People can now start contacting you if they would like a quote from you for some work.

You can also start bidding on gigs that have been posted in your local area. Easily finding new work to keep you busy!