Small Business – Make More Money

TL:DR; We can increase the sales and brand awareness of your business in your community.

NearMine is proving small local businesses with the tools to succeed, to make more money, to increase sales and to make the community aware of the services your provide. Your business is part of the community and is the life blood that keeps communities thriving.

When a user lands on nearmine, it immediately detects there location, when the user puts in there town or road name, it shows the businesses close to them, and that could be populated with your business.

Our users love to feel like they are part of the community they keep coming back, and that is the perfect opportunity for you to have your business there.

We are providing the first 200 businesses FREE listings. Just use the code nearmine6, which will give you 6 months free, with no commitment at all. No debit or credit card details required. Even if you go over, we are relaxed, we genuinely want you to succeed. Our thoughts, if we provide you with an amazing product and value, you’ll want to pay when you feel that brand loyalty.

You can join by click on signup with facebook, select business on the membership page (add discount code) then continue. Once that is done then go to post something, and put in your business details. Your listing will be live immediately.

We will then start marketing your business through, where we will be spending approx £3k a month on marketing nearmine to local audiences.

For any questions feel free to contact us.